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 Mirjam Tola

Mirjam Tola

Mirjam Tola · Opernsängerin · Gesangsunterricht

Opera Singer · Voice Teacher




I love this sentence by Yehudi Menhuin! It pretty much sums up what singing means to me. Singing is more than just a language that one learns. It is, as a language, an expression of our origin. Singing means to be able to unfold completely from the core of our being. Furthermore, it connects people. Universally and without borders. Singing can have an infinite effect. It makes us happy and can magically inspire us. It can calm, relax, comfort and also give hope. Ever since I can remember, my life has been filled with singing. I studied singing at the Academy of Music "Akademia e Arteve" in Tirana (Albania) as well as at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, and my career as an opera singer began, which has taken me to many places in the world. I put all my soul and passion into my performances. I want to carry away the audience and create unforgettable moments. If you would like to know more about me, please have a look at

Wikipedia & YouTube.

Singing Lessons

Teaching is not just about imparting musical and technical skills. It is also about "passing on", like a task as a tribute to one's own teachers for all the dedication and passion with which they once awakened or furthered one's own special enthusiasm for music and music-making.

Gesangsunterricht · Kassel & Online

What you are capable of is not infrequently limited by imagination alone. I will help you to break through this wall.

Of course, teaching is not just about fulfilling tasks. It gives great pleasure. It is simply wonderful to pass on knowledge and experience and to see the fruits of joint work grow in the course of gradual learning successes. Accompanying development processes is very varied and challenges one's own creativity in a special way. One never stops learning. Thus, even as a teacher, one always remains open and constantly expands one's own horizons.


Singing lessons

Professional. Individual. Cross-stylistic.

I teach not only advanced and professional singers (e.g. professional singers, actors, students at music academies & conservatories as well as music students who aspire to a professional musical career). I also enjoy teaching motivated beginners who enjoy music and singing and want to have their voice professionally trained. Every voice is unique, and it is great to accompany beginners on their individual journey of discovery and to help build voice and singing on a solid foundation.

It is of great importance that the lessons are a good cooperation, not least because every voice is unique and there is no such thing as an "off-the-peg" singing lesson. Singing lessons cannot be dogmatically aligned with a particular school. Every person is unique with his or her voice and personality. In this respect, singing lessons are only promising if they are precisely adapted to the individual disposition of the student. With your personal disposition, you are in my focus holistically. It is not only about the pure singing voice, but about you as a person "as a whole".

To ensure that everything is just right, it is best for us to first get to know each other in a non-binding, approx. 20-30 minute trial session. This is not an audition in the classical sense. We perform a voice analysis, you tell us something about yourself, what you want to learn, and what your personal goals are. If everything fits, the adventure can begin!

It is always a great pleasure for me to accompany my students in finding themselves vocally and musically. In some circumstances this makes a whole new person out of you, full of energy, inner strength, new stability and serenity.

My teaching languages are: German, English, Italian and Albanian.

Your key to happiness

A central part of my lessons is, of course, the teaching of a sound singing technique. However, my lessons are always based on the most important prerequisites for a healthy musical development: joy and enthusiasm for music and singing. This is the main key to your singing happiness.

You already have your personal key in your pocket. Let's find out together how you can best use it!

Lesson content:

- Voice training, voice position, resonance finding

- breathing technique

- Body work, singing posture

- Development of the individual timbre

- Work on tonal beauty

- Work on vocal range and volume

- vocal register balance, chest, head and mix registers

- Legato, phrasing

- Vocal carrying capacity, flexibility and elasticity

- Interpretation, style, expression and acting

- Personal charisma, charisma, stage presence

- Repertoire expansion

- Individual analysis and solution of vocal crises

- Fine-tuning of musical and artistic aspects

Es zählt nicht, ob Du „alt“ bist oder jung. Der wichtigste Schlüssel ist immer: Freude und Begeisterung für Musik. Lass uns gemeinsam herausfinden, wie Du Deinen am Besten benutzt. Tauche ein in die wunderbare Welt Deiner Stimme und entdecke Dein Potenzial!

Where & How

"Classical" teaching stage

Classes are generally held (depending on capacity) in 34134 Kassel-Niederzwehren or in 34119 Kassel-Wehlheiden near the Vorderer Westen district. Under certain circumstances, home visits are also possible in special cases. Please ask if you are interested in this possibility, perhaps this can be realised.

Gesangsunterricht · Kassel & Online
Gesangsunterricht · Kassel & Online

Online Lessons

I must admit that I was initially sceptical about this possibility of teaching. I could not imagine that "distance learning" via the internet could even come close to the classical teaching situation. However, after a longer period of time with excellent experiences, I am now fully convinced of this alternative.

On the one hand, today's technology guarantees excellent video transmission with the best sound. On the other hand, one gets used to the new "working stage" very quickly, which can stand up well to the classical teaching situation in terms of quality. By the way, my online offer does not only mean the chance to receive my lessons despite local distance, e.g. because one lives in another country or another city. It also ensures the continuity of learning development, e.g. when travelling, or when it is necessary to switch to digital teaching due to a personal health risk (e.g. Corona-related). From these points of view, online teaching may even offer considerable advantages over the "classical" teaching stage.



In the event that feedback is required, please do not forget to state your name in addition to your request, as well as the best time to contact you, e.g. if you would like to receive feedback by telephone.

"The beauty of learning is that no one can take it away from you".

(B. B. King)

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